Center for Library, Archives
and Museum Services


The Center for Library, Archives and Museum Services (CLAMS) of the Asian Institute of Maritime Studies aims to provide relevant, diverse and up-to-date learning resource materials for research, educational and recreational needs in collaborative partnership with the students, faculty, administration and communities to meet the changing landscape of educational institutions


The Center for Library, Archives and Museum Services (CLAMS) provides easy access to collections by selecting, organizing, preserving and conserving its diverse learning resource materials supporting the various programs of the institution, research and recreational needs of its entire academic, institutional and social communities


1.   (Customer) To provide materials and information services which are responsive to the needs of the academic and non-academic community and ensure their maximum accessibility and expeditious delivery.

2.   (Corporate) To provide pleasant, safe, accessible and well-maintained building and facilities which enhance the use of the Center’s resources.

3.   (People) To develop and maintain effective and efficient staff committed to the provision of quality service.

4.   (Business) To facilitate access to learning resource materials and services and improve the efficiency of the Center’s operations through the appropriate application of automated systems for information and document retrieval, management and support services.

5.   (Networking) To establish strong collaborations, networking and linkages that explores the promotion of resource sharing by way of researches and sustained activities that enhances institutional community and industry relations.


1.   (Customer) To develop, organize, and maintain a collection of books, journals, government documents, maps, pamphlets, pictures, photographs, newspaper clippings, computer files, machine readable databases, videotapes, audiotapes, and other materials, objects or artefacts needed to meet the information, research, instructional, and related needs of the students, faculty, personnel and community.

2.   (Corporate) To conform with institutional, accreditation and audit requirements in the aspiration for better products and services answering the dynamics of educational development.

3.   (People) To recruit and maintain adequate and qualified staffs capable of a sustained high level of performance.

4.   (Business) To publicize and promote awareness and use of the Center’s resources and services to students, faculty and administrative staff through public relations programs and staff participation to campus activities.

5.   (Networking) To explore and implement increased means for cooperation with other libraries, archives and museums on a regional, national and international basis with regard to collection, archiving and curation development programs, reference and information services, technical processes and networking.

library and media center


Envisioned to be the center of knowledge in providing comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant Maritime, Business, Engineering and the Performing Arts related information resources and services keeping abreast of the latest trends and development in support to the academic and research needs of the institute.


Support the institutions mission in providing relevant, excellent and accessible learning environment in corporate, Maritime, Business, Engineering, Performing Arts and Training Services through systematic organization and acquisition of up-to-date and relevant materials, facilities and other resources as required of the various courses offered by the Asian Institute of Maritime Studies.


1.   To establish a system of managing the library resources towards attaining greater productivity and sustainability of services.

2.   Enable to provide state of the art facilities and services to support the research, teaching and learning needs of the clientele.

3.   To update, enhance and maintain the library resources in all formats in support to the curricular offerings of the institute.

4.   Develop and update the professional and technical competencies of the library staff with emphasis on the use of information and communication technology responsive towards attaining quality maritime, business, engineering, performing arts education, training, services and standards.

5.   Establish strong collaboration and linkages among professional organization to promote resources sharing activities.


1.   Establish systematic procedures in compliance to the administrative and academic standards of the institute and other accreditation agencies for an above quality service.

2.   Enhance the working process to promote highly effective search and retrieval of information.

3.   To acquire, collect, maintain and preserve relevant, up-to-date materials in both print and non-print, online and other appropriate formats supportive to the growing needs of the academic community and to the maritime, business, engineering and performing arts industry.

4.   To provide the library personnel with the opportunity for Professional growth and development, enhance skills based on continuous trainings, assessment and direction in support to quality work environment.

5.   Maintain strong collaboration and linkages in all professional organizations to strengthen the competency value of each staff and library resource.