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In accordance to the mission and vision of the Asian Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) to become the “Home of Maritime, Engineering, and Heritage Knowledge Exchange” in the country, the (AIMS) Museo Maritimo established Aguhon: A Philippine Maritime History and Heritage Journal. This academic journal serves as a research platform for maritime history and heritage related topics and issues. The academic journal intends to promote a culture of inquiry on maritime related topics in order to further discover and understand the Philippines as a maritime nation. As a research platform primarily for maritime related topics, the academic journal seeks to publish articles across the whole range of topics and issues concerning maritime related subjects, but with a particular focus on the following subject strands:

  • Maritime History and Heritage
  • Maritime Industry
  • Maritime Laws and Seafarers' Rights
  • Naval Architecture and Engineering

Aguhon: A Philippine Maritime History and Heritage Journal

Aguhon is a Tagalog translation of a compass. Since the locus of (AIMS) Museo Maritimo is maritime history and heritage, the adoption of a compass to signify the academic journal complements the identity and story of the museum. A compass is a necessary instrument for navigation. It guided sailors through centuries. In conjunction to the purpose of a compass, Aguhon: A Philippine Maritime History and Heritage Journal also intends to support and navigate maritime related studies in the Philippines.

copyright and ethics

Museo Maritimo supports the Open Access Movement. The copyright of the articles published in the proceedings remain to its respective authors. The authors may republish their article upon the condition that Museo Maritimo is acknowledged as the original publisher. On the other hand, those who intend to copy and redistribute the articles published in Museo Maritimo in any medium or format are free under the condition that they cite the journal article or give the appropriate credit to the author. However, the articles in the proceedings are not eligible for commercial purposes.

All the research articles published in Museo Maritimo are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Commercial 4.0 International License. Museo Maritimo is also licensed with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 0000-0000 (Softcopy) and 0000-0000 (Hardcopy).


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