The Helm & Rudder Journal serves as the primary instrument of AIMS to disseminate information on completed researches and abstracts by its faculty and students within the graduate and undergraduate level from external contributors. The publication aims at providing high-impact research in the fields of maritime education and its external environment comprising of sectors within ports, shipping, customs, and logistics/support industries. As a research platform primarily for maritime-related topics, the academic journal seeks to publish articles across the whole range of topics and issues concerning maritime-related subjects, but with a particular focus on the following subject strands:

  • Customs Management
  • Logistics and Support Services
  • Maritime Education
  • Maritime Business
  • Port Management
  • Shipping Operations

copyright and ethics

External research contributions are accepted under the condition that contributors are willing to subject their research study for blind refereeing and should qualify the following minimum requirements in considering the same for publication: (1) the work is relevant to the fields of port, shipping, customs, logistics/support services, maritime education sectors, and business sectors; (2) the work is original and application-based.

The editorial board reserves the right to edit researches including external research contributions in accordance to the standards set by AIMS in the conduct of the researches for publications and blind refereeing. The views and messages conveyed by the author/s in the publications are those of them and not in any way represent tat of AIMS or any of its Board of Directors.

All materials being published in refereed journal are copyrighted. Reproduction of any part of this publication should be requested from the Editorial Board of AIMS Research Journal. All the research articles published in AIMS Research Journal is licensed with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2012-4716.


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